The food crisis Australia’s Aboriginal families are facing in remote communities is life threatening, but the good news is you can help us help them.

We are striving to create the perfect combination of Aboriginal people, with local knowledge and understanding, serving a local solution with the support of compassionate Australians like you. Kere to Country will provide benefits to a great many of our Central Australian Aboriginal community members, supporting their fundamental human right to access affordable services and supplies to meet their needs - in particular fresh, good quality and affordable meat for their families.

We continue to seek partners to ensure this important work can expand throughout the Northern Territory.

  • Our Mission

    To provide affordable and quality kere (meat) to Aboriginal people living on remote communities in Central Australia, via a range of affordable payment plan options. While doing this we implement our best customer service practices that demonstrate respect for cultural and community life.

  • Our Vision

    Is to become a leading Aboriginal owned and operated supplier of affordable and quality Kere no matter your location on country. By doing this we will directly contribute to the improvement to health, wellbeing and economic outcomes for our Aboriginal families living in remote communities.

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Don't live near Alice Springs but want to get involved with our awesome cause? We accept donations via Paypal or contact us to direct deposit into our company bank account. We've also love to hear from you if you have any other in kind support you would like to offer!

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